Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grubhub for Work?

Grubhub for Work is an online food ordering and delivery service. We deliver great taste to every workplace, connecting you and your teams to delicious meals from your favorite local restaurants. With group ordering, catering and corporate-friendly features like budgets, rules and consolidated billing; feeding the office has never been easier.

How do I order delivery at home?

As Grubhub for Work is tailored for at workplace meals, we invite you to order at for at home meals. You can access over 50,000 exciting restaurant options at

Are driver tips included in the total?

Tips are generally not included, and are very much appreciated. We suggest a gratuity comparable to what you would tip when dining at a restaurant. Orders above $100 include a minimum 10% gratuity.

How do I check the status of my order?

Click the "Track Order" link from your order confirmation screen, or access tracking from your Accounts page to view the progress of your delivery in real-time. You can also get delivery status updates via phone or live chat by contacting our Customer Care Team.

How do I make a special request?

Click on the "Add Instructions?" link below the menu item to enter special requests (i.e. "no onions" or "prepare extra well done").

How do I request an item that isn't on the menu?

Our Customer Care Team is happy to call a restaurant on your behalf and request an unlisted menu item. Sometimes, items may not qualify for delivery due to limited availability or because they don't travel well.

Do you offer catering menus?

Many Grubhub for Work restaurants offer catering menus. Restaurants can also assemble multiple orders of individual items into trays for large parties.

How do I make special requests for catering items?

Click on the "Add Instructions?" link below the menu item to enter special requests (i.e. "please include serving utensils").

Do you offer corporate accounts?

Yes! Corporate Accounts are the most flexible, comprehensive way to manage food ordering and expenses for your business. We even offer customizable meal plans for the workplace.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The easiest way to pay is through a Corporate Accounts that consolidates payments and can be customized to your accounting needs. We also accept all major credit cards and Grubhub for Work Gift Cards.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

You’ll find receipts for all orders under the My account section. If you need a specific kind of invoice or receipt, our Customer Care Team will be happy to assist

Can multiple people order and pay separately?

By using Group Order - a shareable link that can be sent to an unlimited number of friends or coworkers - you'll have the option for each person to pay individually, or for a single payment to cover the group order. Start a Group Order by clicking on the link in your checkout bag.

I'm a customer of a restaurant delivery service that recently joined Grubhub. What now?

Welcome to Grubhub for Work! As a valued customer of one of the many brands that have joined the Grubhub family, we want to ensure your transitional experience is a good one. If you have questions about your previous account or want to learn more about the transition, please contact our Customer Care Team.

How will my account information be used by Grubhub for Work?

If you are a customer from a restaurant delivery service that recently joined Grubhub, please be aware that your use of this Grubhub for Work site, existing account information and all other information that you submit will now be subject to the Grubhub for Work terms of use and privacy policy. If you do not wish Grubhub for Work to retain this information, please contact or call (877) 564-4192.

How can I become a driver for Grubhub for Work?

If you are interested in becoming a driver partner, please visit our Grubhub for Drivers page.

How can my restaurant be featured on Grubhub for Work?

If you are interested in becoming a restaurant partner, please visit our Grubhub for Restaurants page.